Bestsellers Anti Blue Light Ray Anti-UV Computer Men Women Anti Reflective Clear Gaming Eye Glasses Spectacle Frame Oculos Gafas

Frame Color: 26 Bright black
Sale price$22.99



Style: Rectangle

Origin: Mainland China

Lenses Optical Attribute: Anti-reflective

Lenses Material: Polycarbonate

Gender: Unisex

Frame Material: Acetate

Degrees: 0

Brand Name: Brightzone


Gaming Glasses - The Top List 2017


If you ever had tired, irritated or dry/runny eyes after playing for (maybe) a bit too long, you're certainly not alone. In fact, its probably the main reasons as to why you googled "Gaming Glasses"; in the first place, right?. About 70% of all gamers experience similar problems after excessive amounts of gaming, which can also inhibit your ability to sleep since the blue light from the screen fucks up all kinds of hormones in your brain.

I’ve had that too.

That’s why I made this article for you, because while you’ve probably heard or seen gaming glasses before, you probably don’t know why you’re supposed to use them or which ones to buy.

They really make a difference. Trust me.


There is a good reason that the pro’s, including myself when I was the most active, used gaming glasses when grinding. I was able to spend more hours without pausing since my eyes didn’t dry up horribly. Moreover, I am prone to get really bad headaches if I spend too much time staring at the screen – you know the kind that sits right behind your eyes? Yup. Sucks.

A pair of gaming glasses can really help combat some of the aforementioned symptoms, and I mean that.

More specifically, the benefits are:

  • Enhanced color contrast

  • Blocks blue light

  • Higher focus

  • Prevents dry/runny eyes

  • Eliminates distractions

  • Minimizes risk for headache





Don’t. Be. Cheap. Especially towards yourself.

Honestly, you don’t want to jeopardize your vision since, as a gamer, it is probably the most important thing you have. If you’re spending 1000 hours per year (yeah I know you probably spend way more than that, filthy casuals ..) in front of a screen, a pair of glasses would cost you about 2 cents/hour after three years. Not a bad deal to avoid all of the pains that come with spending your life basking in blue light, right?

In conclussion, gaming glasses work for meI think that they do their job as they should. Notice how I highlighted every subjective indicative in the sentences? Because I know some of you will be like ”But zimp, just get software that does the same, gaming glasses are a scam!!!1”. Nice idea, never thought of that before. Oh wait .. I have. None of the software like f.lux helped me with my problems and so the only option for me was gaming glasses.


                    52mm                  18mm                  48mm               142mm                  145mm


                    52mm                  18mm                  48mm               142mm                  145mm




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